Unsightly Spider Veins: A Cosmetic Problem or Something More…

If spider veins have you covering up your legs and feeling a sense of dread at the very thought of wearing a bathing suit, you are not alone. The older you get, you probably notice more of these bright red and blue thread veins showing up close to the skin on your legs and feet. These veins stretch and become prominent from abnormal venous blood flow that increases the pressure within them. When spider veins occur without other venous disorders and symptoms, they are considered to be medically insignificant and more of an aesthetic concern.

When spider veins are more than a cosmetic concern

Spider veins on the legs may be a sign of more serious venous disease, particularly when associated with other vascular symptoms such as aching burning pain and a feeling of tired legs that increases after long periods of standing or activity. Restless legs, itchy legs and swelling may also be indicative of an underlying venous problem.

When you come to VSA for spider vein treatment, we will also evaluate you for signs of venous disease. If present, your treatment is addressed before any cosmetic work is provided. This approach minimizes the risk of recurring spider veins and can prevent the occurrence of serious blood clots, varicose veins and leg ulcers. Should we find venous disease to be your problem, you may be entitled to insurance benefits for diagnosis and treatment.

State-of-the-Art Aesthetic Spider Vein Treatments

Spider veins may be eliminated with a laser, sclerotherapy, or a combination of both procedures. Sclerotherapy is a rather simple procedure of injecting spider veins with an agent that causes them to collapse. When spider veins are too small to inject, laser spider vein treatment provides a safe, non-invasive and highly effective treatment alternative.  We primarily use the 940 nm Medipulse laser system, a cutting edge technology that makes spider veins disappear right before the patient’s eyes and with very little discomfort.