Why Choose A Vein Center Over A Doctor’s Office?

Vein Center

Traditionally, varicose veins were treated in hospitals with an inpatient procedure requiring a general anesthetic. During the treatment, a surgeon would strip the affected veins out, typically resulting in longer recovery times and more pain and discomfort after the fact than modern procedures.

But with today’s advanced treatments you have more options than an overnight hospital procedure – and another choice besides visiting a doctor’s office. You can also opt to visit a vein center where a vein specialist will treat you.

But why should you? What makes a vein center different than a doctor’s office? Here are some of the reasons a specialist’s office can be better equipped to help you and even result in better outcomes.

Vein Centers Are Full Service

A good vein center is equipped to manage everything from diagnosis to treatment. Vein specialists can educate you thoroughly about your disease, mitigate existing problems and help you prevent future ones.

Plus they’re certified to manage all forms of vein disorders, from unattractive but usually unthreatening spider veins to more serious chronic venous insufficiency. You won’t get shuttled or referred from one doctor to another because you can count on the vein center to be able to service your vein needs.

Vein Centers Focus On Veins

Treatment of varicose veins and other vein disorders is the primary function of a vein center. Unlike cardiologists who may treat varicose veins in addition to heart conditions, or dermatologists who may treat spider veins in addition to other skin ailments, vein specialists focus solely on veins.

But not all vein centers are created equal – some may do other procedures, so it’s important to ask what percentage of a center’s treatments are vein related.

Here at Vein Specialists of Arizona we focus exclusively on vein disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention, which means that everyone from doctors to assistants and even customer service and billing staff deal exclusively with patients within this single area of expertise.

This type of focus means that you are assured of specialists who deeply understand vein disorders and who are well versed in the most modern and effective practices and procedures.

Treatments Are Tailored To Your Needs

Vein specialists aren’t the only doctors who treat varicose veins. As we mentioned, cardiologists and dermatologists are two types of doctors who may perform these procedures as well.

And while you may not question their integrity and skill, you may be getting the treatment they provide and not the one that’s necessarily best for you. For example, other physicians tend to perform ablations rather than sclerotherapy, but that doesn’t make it the most effective treatment for your needs.

The type of treatment offered will depend in part on the equipment the doctor has available as well as the doctor’s specific skill set in the area of vein treatment. Vein centers, on the other hand, specialize in vein treatments with all the necessary skills and equipment to provide you with the procedure that will work best for your condition.

Doctors who focus exclusively on vein treatments have highly honed skills and can implement everything from sclerotherapy to radiofrequency and laser therapy.

Finally, with the necessary array of specialized equipment, a vein center is better equipped to diagnose your disease in the first place, so that the ideal treatment can be determined.

You’re More Likely To Have Access To The Most Modern Techniques

Two factors come into play here; one we’ve mentioned, which is that specialists can focus on their area of expertise and hone their skills. The other is that vein centers are more likely to upgrade medical equipment when better performance and therapies are available.

At the current pace of technology, equipment can advance frequently. A doctor who does not specialize in vein treatment is less likely – and perhaps even less able – to constantly upgrade equipment. That means you could be missing out on a more effective, more comfortable treatment.

Look not only for a vein center but one that focuses exclusively on vein diseases and you’re more likely to have a better experience with better results.

The Facility Is Designed With You In Mind

While this may not be true for every vein center, it is certainly something we pride ourselves on at Vein Specialists of Arizona. Our entire facility is designed to accommodate our patients, from the size to the seating. We’ve optimized our space to make it easier for you to walk from one place to another and to make you more comfortable during your treatment.

Unlike a doctor’s office where you may end up on an exam table or in a standard chair, our treatment chairs are designed to make it easy for the doctor to perform a procedure while you relax comfortably. You’ll avoid awkward positions and unnecessary anxiety, making your visit more pleasant from the moment you step out of your car until you leave for the day.

Remember, before you select a vein center, be sure to ask questions about your treatment options, the skill of the doctors and the type of experience you can expect. A reputable center will answer all of your questions so that you feel secure in your choice and understand what will happen. Vein treatments don’t have to be stressful. If you have questions or want to learn more about our minimally invasive, no-recovery treatments, please contact us for a consultation.