Brief History of Dr. Alpern’s Transition into Vein Treatment

Dr Alpern

Why did a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon switch specialties decades into an already extraordinary career?

Dr. Alpern’s accolades have previously been noted on Vein Specialists of Arizona’s website but there are some that need mention once again to briefly illuminate his truly valuable impact on the medical world.

  • During his time with Temple University and Hahnemann University Hospitals, he was Surgical Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation, consistently ranking among America’s Top Hospitals
  • He was Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Surgical Director at St. Luke’s Regional Hospital
  • Famously, he was the first D.O. to perform a heart and heart/lung transplant in the world

Transplantation is arguably the most captivating of all medical fields. It strikes us with seemingly paradoxical thoughts: one of shock in the very idea’s primal nature, one of awe in such a miraculous possibility, and finally, one of astonishment in the actual procedure by a surgical team with true mastery of modern medicine. In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dr. Alpern said befittingly “Our philosophy is that there are two reasons for a transplant: to improve the quality of their life, and to make them live longer”.

After many years as a practitioner and educator in one of medicine’s most fascinating fields, Dr. Alpern was eager to explore a different facet of medicine; he wanted to learn, master, and ideally, improve whatever his new concentration was to be. After logging thousands of hours in the operating room and finding an alarming amount of patients with misdiagnosed or poorly treated vein issues, Dr. Alpern decided to switch specialties to endovascular surgery. He completed his fellowship at the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute.

There is a concerning lack of information regarding vein health and modern vein treatments today and Dr. Alpern is aiming to educate physicians, medical staff, and the public alike. Many people today are still under the assumption that varicose veins and spider veins are merely a cosmetic issue. This is false. Often, patients experience tiredness, restless legs, burning, throbbing, tingling, and heaviness of legs as symptoms of underlying venous disease. More severe problems include bleeding, skin pigmentation, blood clots, and ulcers.

Dr. Alpern founded a world class facility, assembled state of the art technology, and recruited a professional and compassionate team – all solely to specialize in the treatment of venous disease. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people in Arizona who suffer from poorly treated or mismanaged vein ailments. Vein Specialists of Arizona use minimally invasive, ultramodern procedures such as Radio Frequency Ablation, Laser Therapy, and Sclerotherapy. All of these procedures are out-patient visits that involve a local anesthetic or none at all. There is no prolonged recovery period and in most cases, the patient can continue normal activities that very day. In the tradition of Dr. Alpern himself, Vein Specialists of Arizona continues to be at the vanguard of venous treatment.