Health In Anguilla

Health in Anguilla

Jeffrey-Alpern-FBDr. Alpern participates in the Visiting Doctor program at Hughes Medical Center in Anguilla, British West Indies Licensed to practice medicine both in the USA and UK enables Dr. Alpern to assist patients not only in Arizona but also on the small British island of Anguilla in the Caribbean.

A couple of times per year, using a portable ultrasound unit, Dr Alpern travels by plane to work a few weeks in Anguilla performing the same treatments as he does stateside. Hughes Medical Center, in The Valley, has the necessary laser equipment which Dr Alpern has placed there, and along with Dr. Alpern’s experience they are able to handle many patients in the short period of time that he is on the island.

You can learn more about the Hughes Medical Center by visiting their website at or on facebook