Strong Response from Bilingual Outreach Shows a Need for a Vein Specialist for Phoenix’s Hispanic Community

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Vein Specialists of Arizona services local community needs with bilingual staff – Se Habla Español!

The response to Vein Specialists of Arizona and their outreach to the Spanish speaking community through Que Magazine – a leading publication for Arizona’s Hispanic population – and other Hispanic marketing channels have shown there is a real need for a vein doctor in the Hispanic community in the metro Phoenix area.

Dr. Jeffrey Alpern, D.O., cardiovascular surgeon and founder of Vein Specialists of Arizona said, “I always wanted our state-of-the-art vein center in Phoenix to serve the entire community and that includes our Spanish speaking patients with vein problems. Several members of our professional staff at Vein Specialists of Arizona are fluent in Spanish and that ability to communicate with Arizona’s Hispanic community provides a level of comfort for his Spanish-speaking clientele.”

Once more, here is the article VSA has placed in Que Magazine. Understanding your options for vein treatment require clear doctor-patient communication. At Vein Specialists of Arizona, Se Habla Español.

The English translation of the article follows.


Actualmente se han conseguido grandes avances en los tratamientos de insuficiencias venosas (tratamiento varices), y la posibilidad de una evaluación precisa gracias al uso de la Ecografia Doppler de color de alta definicón digital. Esto nos ofrece una mejor forma de diagnosticar las insuficiencias y a su vez, permite desarrollar nuevos tratamientos y técnicas para tratar de manera precisa las enfermedades venosas.

Los recientes avances de láser endovenoso, radiofrecuensia, microflebectomia, etc. han revolucionado los tratamientos de varices y han reducido el riesgos, además de no ser necesario ni la anestesia general ni la sedación. Los efectos secundarios son minimos y ahora, somos capaces de tratar pacientes de maneras muy efectivas que antes no eran posibles.

La SEGURIDAD en nuestros pacientes es lo primero para nosotros, por ello, garantizamos que cada tratamiento que ofrecemos en nuestra clínica esta absolutamente validado por federaciones internacionales de salud con una amplia experiencia y con resultados comprobados.

Además, con nuestra experiencia en el campo vascular aseguramos la correcta aplicación de estos tratamientos de acuerdo a la mejor indicación para cada pacientes de manera individual.

English Translation


Currently they have made great strides in the treatment of venous insufficiency (varicose veins treatment), and the possibility of an accurate assessment through the use of color Doppler Ultrasonography in high digital definition adds in the proper diagnosis of vein disorders. This gives us a better way to diagnose the weaknesses and in turn, to develop new treatments and techniques to precisely treat venous diseases.

Recent advances including endovenous laser, radiofrequency, microphlebectomy, etc., have revolutionized the treatment of varicose veins and reduced risks. General general anesthesia or sedation should not be necessary. Side effects are minimal and now, we are able to treat patients of very effective ways that were not possible before.

SAFETY in our patients comes first for us, so we ensure that each treatment we offer at our clinic is absolutely validated by international health federations have extensive experience and proven results.

And with our experience in vascular procedures, our skilled physicians ensure the correct application of these treatments according to the best indication for each patient individually.

We provide the most complete treatments venous disorders, not only utilizing the varicose veins treatments available today, but also by using new techniques and technology. Our treatments are minimally invasive and allow faster recovery. For the treatment of veins, treatment of varicose veins that are long or deeper, our procedures are performed under local anesthesia, and patients with completed treatment cam return to his home in an hour or two after the end of treatment altogether.



Vein Specialists of Arizona (VSA) is a state-of-the-art vein center that defines a new standard in care for the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency. From vein treatments that correct existing underlying pathology to procedures that erase spider veins before the patient’s eyes, we think you will find VSA to be your best choice for venous issues. For more information please visit website, or call 623-428-0068.


Dr. Jeffrey Alpern is a Cardiovascular Surgeon who was the first D.O. to perform a heart and heart/lung transplant in the world. Among his other impressive qualifications, Dr. Alpern trained at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic and was Surgical Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation at both Temple University and Hahnemann University Hospitals in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He currently is Director and founding member of Desert Cardiovascular Surgeons in Phoenix, and of Vein Specialists of Arizona recently located in the West Valley. Dr. Jeffrey Alpern, D.O is one of a handful of surgeons worldwide to use fast, virtually painless, safe and effective laser ablation and radiofrequency (RF) techniques for the treatment of existing varicose veins, spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency and venous leg ulcers.