Smooth Legs Make Swimsuit Season Perfect … Varicose Veins Don’t!


Vein Specialists of Arizona Offer Solutions and Quality Treatment of Venous Disease

It’s summer already! You’ve probably got your summer holiday planned and been trying on swimsuits for that summer vacation. Pool time means we spend a lot of time by the pool or at least in shorts … and your legs will be on display. That could be a problem if you suffer from varicose veins that can be painful and plain unsightly.

According to Dr. Jeffrey B. Alpern, D.O., Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Vein Specialist and Founder of Vein Specialists of Arizona, the biggest mistake that people make about varicose veins is putting off treatment because of the cost.

“Many believe treating venous disease it is purely cosmetic,” Dr. Alpern said recently. “The truth of the matter is varicose veins are a medical condition and treatments are commonly covered by medical insurance. And waiting could lead to bigger problems.”


Varicose veins commence in your twenties to thirties, sometimes earlier and they never improve. Once a vein starts to malfunction, not pumping the blood upwards toward the heart, blood will start to pool and they will never function properly again without treatment by a qualified specialist.


Dr. Jeffrey Alpern determined that our veins are being neglected and, more specifically, the treatment of vein problems requires an accurate diagnosis.

“After seeing patients suffer from years of mismanagement and treatment failures, I established Vein Specialists of Arizona to assure accurate diagnosis and appropriate vein treatment through the least invasive, quick and relatively painless office procedures.”

Applying the most advanced techniques, Dr. Alpern is one of a handful of vein specialists nationwide to use state-of-the-art, advanced laser ablation and radiofrequency (RF), and sclerotherapy techniques to eliminate underlying venous disease with minimal downtime and recovery.

Go ahead … Take to the pool or put on those shorts for a summer stroll and dare to bare those legs – it’s just what the doctor ordered!


Vein Specialists of Arizona (VSA) is a state-of-the-art vein center that defines a new standard in care for the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, legs ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency. From vein treatments that correct existing underlying pathology to procedures that erase spider veins before the patient’s eyes, we think you will find VSA to be your best choice for venous issues. For more information please visit website, or call 623-428-0068.


Dr. Jeffrey Alpern is a Cardiovascular Surgeon who was the first D.O. to perform a heart and heart/lung transplant in the world. Among his other impressive qualifications, Dr. Alpern trained at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic and was Surgical Director of Heart and Lung Transplantation at both Temple University and Hahnemann University Hospitals in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He currently is Director and founding member of Desert Cardiovascular Surgeons in Phoenix, and of Vein Specialists of Arizona recently located in the West Valley. Dr. Jeffrey Alpern, D.O is one of a handful of surgeons worldwide to use fast, virtually painless, safe and effective laser ablation and radiofrequency (RF)