How Incompetent Leg Veins Produce Venous Disease

Before and After Varicose Vein TreatmentMost patients who are bothered by unsightly leg veins also suffer with associated symptoms – aching, tired, heavy, swollen, restless legs that make it difficult to stand, walk, sleep and enjoy a quality life.  But some patients have relatively normal looking legs and still experience those and other complaints. These symptoms are related to a failure of valves in the veins to remain shut when moving blood back towards the heart. Incompetent valves prevent proper drainage of the venous system and with worsening disease, there is increased pressure (venous hypertension) in the affected blood vessels that expand or dilate to accommodate the enlarged blood volume. Restricted venous drainage and increased blood pressure in the surface veins of the leg produce spider veins and varicose veins. When valves in the deeper saphenous and perforator systems become incompetent, severe venous hypertension produces a range of symptoms in the surface veins and surrounding skin including spider veins, varicose veins, leg swelling, leg ulcers and even serious infection.

Choosing a Vein Treatment Center

Laser vein centers are appearing all over the country offering a quick, easy cosmetic solution for spider veins and bulging twisted varicose veins. Unfortunately, what those centers don’t provide is diagnosis and treatment of the disease process causing your vein problem. And the elimination of unsightly leg veins does nothing to treat the associated symptoms. Even more important, failure to address the cause of these symptoms along with the veins means that venous disease progression is inevitable. Soon new veins and more serious symptoms will develop – that is, unless the underlying cause is removed while treatment is still possible for reversing this disabling circulatory condition.

How to Get Treatment for the Underlying Venous Problem and Also Get an Aesthetic Result

Seeking treatment by vein specialists and/or Phlebologists is your best assurance of a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. But not all vein specialists provide the same level of treatment. In fact, most rely on traditional, less advanced and more invasive methods. Painful, more expensive, outdated vein stripping and even the SEPS procedure put patients at greater risk for complications as well as a long, difficult recovery.

Why Streamlined Laser Ablation is the Best Solution for Venous Problems

Revolutionary laser ablation techniques in a quick, simple office procedure allows you to remain awake and comfortable, recover quickly, and achieve a 96% success rate with virtually no complications. This non-traumatic laser eliminates diseased valves through a simple needle stick. Insurance generally pays for procedures associated with diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. Only a handful of vein specialists throughout the US are experts in the use of these streamlined laser ablation techniques. Patients with varicose veins, spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency and serious leg ulcers have their existing problem completely eliminated through these state-of-the-art methods – yet most vein doctors don’t even know about them.

Laser Ablation at VSA

VSA Vein Specialist Jeffrey Alpern, D.O.At Vein Specialists of Arizona (VSA), you will be treated by an experienced Board Certified physician and surgeon who is also a vein specialist. Our caring, competent, state-of-the-art medical team are experts in accurately diagnosing the precise cause of your problem and providing streamlined laser ablation techniques for curing your existing problem as well as preventing progression. Cosmetic treatments safely and effectively performed after venous disease treatment, provide an exceptional aesthetic result.

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