Aching, Heavy and Restless Legs and Venous Disease

If Aching, heavy and/or restless legs are Denying You a Quality Life, Keep Reading…

Leg PainWhat are you limiting in your life because of symptoms that make it difficult to walk, stand, sleep and enjoy activities that once gave you great pleasure? Is your exhaustion during the day related to poor sleep from pain and/or restless legs that keep you tossing and turning at night? Maybe you’ve complained about this to your physician who tells you it is part of getting older. But what if your aching, heavy, restless legs isn’t that at all? What if these are symptoms of a progressive problem with your circulatory system – a problem that could be solved with a simple, virtually painless office procedure?

Misdiagnosis and mismanagement are common problems that interfere with effective vein treatment.

Unfortunately, problems with the venous system are not readily diagnosed and even when they are, treatments vary considerably which produces limited results. Many times patients are incorrectly diagnosed and treated for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). Sometimes patients with venous leg ulcers are managed exclusively in wound care centers with a failure to also address the underlying pathology.

When veins are prominent and a venous problem is obvious, patients may find themselves in vein treatment centers that exclusively provide cosmetic procedures. Although the procedures may produce great looking legs, the underlying problem is left untreated. Associated venous disease symptoms remain and it is just a matter of time before untreated venous disease progresses in severity. And all expenses are the patient’s responsibility.

Even when venous disease is accurately detected and managed by vein treatment specialists, there is a wide variation in procedures used. Painful, more expensive, outdated vein stripping and even the SEPS procedure put patients at greater risk for complications as well as a long, difficult recovery.

The answer for these patients is all about accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment through the least invasive, quick and relatively painless procedures – state-of-the-art vein treatment in the office paid for by most health insurance.

Streamlined Laser Ablation – the Best Solution for Venous Problems

Revolutionary laser ablation techniques in a quick, simple office procedure allows you to remain awake and comfortable, recover quickly, and achieve a 96% success rate with virtually no complications. This non-traumatic laser eliminates diseased valves through a simple needle stick. Insurance generally pays for procedures associated with diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. Only a handful of vein specialists throughout the US are experts in the use of these streamlined laser ablation techniques. Patients with varicose veins, spider veins, chronic venous insufficiency and serious leg ulcers have their existing problem completely eliminated through these state-of-the-art methods – yet most vein doctors don’t even know about them.

Laser Ablation at VSA

VSA Vein Specialist Jeffrey Alpern, D.O.At Vein Specialists of Arizona (VSA), you will be treated by an experienced Board Certified physician and surgeon who is also a vein specialist. Our caring, competent, state-of-the-art medical team are experts in accurately diagnosing the precise cause of your problem and providing streamlined laser ablation techniques for curing your existing problem as well as preventing progression. Cosmetic treatments safely and effectively performed after venous disease treatment, provide an exceptional aesthetic result.

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